Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nursury Furniture for Plus Size Moms

A reader on Tumblr asked what glider or rocking chair I would recommend for plus size mommas, since I am one myself...

I was on a mission to find the perfect glider suitable for plus size preggos…The glider we originally registered for was not only obscenely expensive, but did not have the highest of weight capacities. The last thing we wanted was to spend $400 on a chair that we could expect to fall apart on us because it wasn’t meant to hold me in the first place…
After checking countless forums, manufacturers websites and reviews online (not to mention comparison shopping at different websites to get the best deal), I was able to find this:

It costs $200 retail INCLUDING the ottoman, is the exact material and color of all our other furniture, and holds up to 300 pounds.

I had it for almost 2 entire years before we got rid of it. It held up very well, even with daily use! It was super comfortable and a life saver when it came to overnight nursings. I never used the ottoman much, to be honest, just because it feels weird to me to rock back and forth with my feet up, but otherwise I'm very happy with our purchase of this glider!

I'd love to hear about any other suggestions for plus size friendly furniture or baby gear. Let me know if there's something you can't live without as a plus sized momma!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


My incredibly generous friend Felicia (she has also written posts for MommaFriendly before) put together a fundraiser for Bu's lab work and treatments. She sells Jewelry In Candles, which is just what it sounds like! You buy an awesome candle, and inside it, you'll find a ring (sized to you!), earrings or necklace. A gift in a gift!

The proceeds are going to Bu's medical bills, I hope you will all share and check out her products! Please click THIS LINK for the event, and make sure you like Felicia's business page, Jewelry In Candles with MrsTrum​.

As always, you can follow our autism journey at our blog or our Facebook page.