Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Guest Post - "Wrapping Your Pregnant Belly"

You can use your shortie woven wraps before baby is ever born, for comfort and relief for tired bodies. Here I'll briefly outline two techniques for helping to support your pregnant body as you grow! For both of these, I'm photographed with a size 2. A size 2 or 3 woven is recommended, or a longer rebozo, 9 feet or more.

Belly Lift:

1. Starting at your middle marker, wrap and tighten around the lower portion of your belly.

2. Reaching around behind you, cross the tails over one another and bring over your shoulder. You can gather or spread these passes.

3. In your front, pull downward on the tails, to cause a lift in the belly and relieve tired muscles and pelvis.

4. If you want to use this for an extended period of time, use a longer wrap and tie tightly between the shoulder blades.

Hip Squeeze

1. Starting at your middle marker, gather and place low and evenly across your hip bones.

2. Tie in the back very tightly, at the tailbone.

3. Leave here for knot 1 variation

4. For knot two variation, you can use the tails to twist up and around your knot, forming a large knot. Lean against a wall, sit back, or use your palm to apply pressure down and in, relieving a sore tailbone while squeezing your hips.

   Both of these techniques have a place in difficult or uncomfortable labors as well. Find a doula or other care provider who is familiar with rebozo techniques to discuss when it may be appropriate to use them in labor.

Cortney Baca is a Birth Doula and Certified Babywearing Consultant through the Center for Babywearing Studies. Mama to a sweet 3 year old boy and due with baby #2 in early Spring 2014, if she's not working, she's cooking, reading, gaming, or enjoying the outdoors through exploring and geocaching. You can follow her through her website:, or find her as MotherStrong on facebook, twitter, or pinterest.

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