Monday, September 30, 2013

Guest Post: "Help Our Family Be Whole"

This post is one I feel strongly about, and I hope you will as well. The idea that so many families have to fight just to be recognized is heartbreaking. I asked Demi to write something for the blog in hopes that the readers of this site could offer support, if not monetarily then at least in spirit. Every family deserves to recognized and respected as such.
-Momma Friendly

Written by: Demi (biological mom)

We began our journey to second parent adoption to give our son, Tate, the safety net that is provided by having two legal parents. The process soon became more pressing as my parents become more and more pitted against my "lifestyle", believing that if anything were to happen to me they would raise Tate. Their plan is that they would still allow his mum, Alica (adoptive mom) to see him, but he would not live with her nor know her as his mum. 
This of course to us is a horrifying thought and already being not all financially well off we set up the donation page so that we could speed the process along. In our eyes he will always be our son equally, regardless of what people or papers say. Everyone that sees our family or comes in contact with us can see how much Alica has not only changed my life for the better, but loves Tate and I with her all. We ask that if you are a parent that you put yourself in our position. What if you needed a piece of paper to ensure that your child could not be taken away of something happened to your spouse? After you had raised, cared for, supported, and loved your child with all you had to give...It's not a good feeling and we don't believe anyone should ever have to feel this way. The fact that we have to take this step at all is insulting and we hope for all LGBT families that one day soon this will no longer be necessary. The love and support that we have received this far is inspiring. It lets me know that even though I may have lost my old family I have gained a new one along with a strong positive community with a kind and open-hearted support system. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and get a peek into what we are going through.
The link to our donation site is: 
Anything and everything helps and is very much so appreciated. 

Sending love to you and yours, 
The Hobson family

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