Thursday, September 12, 2013


A bit of a most of you know by now, I'm in a part of the country where VBACs are incredibly difficult to achieve because of different policies and laws in place against it. There's only a handful of OBs that will even ALLOW TOLAC, in only a handful of hospitals (this is in the entire metropolis of over a million people), AND you have to pay the OBs a $1500 retainer for showing up at your TOLAC, whether it ends in VBAC or CBAC.

Well, I just found out one of those handful of doctors was pregnant herself, and with all the OBs she knows, with her knowledge of the best hospitals, with the professional courtesy she would have received... guess what she did for her TOLAC?

She had a home birth...with a midwife.

Goes to show the state of the birth community/industry here.

::feeling discouraged::

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  1. I can't even imagine how frustrating that must be! Annoys me just reading about it... The only stipulation doctors and obgyns have here in Canada is that you wait 18-24 months before attempting a VBAC... That way the risk of repeate cesarean, complications or tearing is greatly decreased... But they legally can't FORCE you to have another cesarean even if it is sooner here... :( Here's hoping you find a loop hole in the system...