Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Guest Post: "Swollen to full capacity"

Swollen to full capacity
Stirring, moving life inside.
Stretched, marred with creation.
Blemished beautifully, and changed.
A mothers body, the evolution,
Grasping the transformation.
The meaning of a new skin,
Showing without, what once was within.
Battle wounds, large hips, tender chest, a mother's breast. 
Accepting the new as a bold declaration.
Not wistfully wishing, 
Fondly remembering,
And proudly remembering 
this new mothering skin.
So amazingly capable of bringing forth life!
I will not detest,
I shall not disguise,
And I will PROUDLY wear...
This mother's skin.
This beautiful poem was written by Miranda Irvin. I read it and LOVED it, and asked her immediately for permission to repost! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to post it this week as it is a beautiful reminder and example of being proud and grateful for the incredible thing our bodies can do: creating, sustaining and bringing forth new life! I hope you all love it as well, please check out her blog to see more from this wonderful crunchy momma!

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