Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Birth Plan Revisited

 Originally posted in 2011 at Plus Size Preggo

 Spoke to an OB at my practice yesterday (they rotate so you get to know everyone), and I was pretty disappointed with what I was told about my birth plan, even PO’ed at one point…As I told my sister, who came to the appointment with me: “Unless something magical happens during birth that makes me want to blow everyone in that hospital, I am NOT going to do a hospital birth with the next baby!” (Blunt but true story LOL)

* I’d like the following people to be present during labor and/or birth: My husband, my sister, and my mother. “OK”

* I’d like to wear my own clothes during labor and delivery. "OK, but you probably won’t want to"

* I’d like to take pictures and/or video during labor and delivery. “Only allowed BEFORE labor, AFTER birth and NOT during newborn tests”

* I’d like the option of returning home if I’m not in active labor. "OK"
* Once I’m admitted, I’d like my partner to be allowed to stay with me at all times. "OK"

* Once I’m admitted, I’d like to eat if I wish to. "Not going to happen"

* Once I’m admitted, I’d like to try to stay hydrated by drinking clear fluids instead of having an IV. "Not going to happen, either"

* Once I’m admitted, I’d like to walk and move around as I choose. “You’ll be strapped to a monitor so you can walk as long as you’re not far from the edge of the bed” read: NO.

* As long as the baby and I are doing fine, I’d like to have intermittent rather than continuous electronic fetal monitoring. "We can do it, but it’d be a nuisance." read: "Not going to happen"

* As long as the baby and I are doing fine, I’d like to be allowed to progress free of stringent time limits and have my labor augmented only if necessary. "OK"

* If available, I’d like to try a birthing ball, birthing stool, squatting bar, and/or a birthing tub/pool. “What are these things?” I WISH I was kidding.

* I’d like to try the following pain-management techniques: bath/shower, hot/cold therapy, massage. "No bathing or showering, stay home and do that until you MUST come to the hospital"
* Please don’t offer me pain medication. I’ll request it if I need it. "Make sure you tell them that at the hospital" I thought that’s what the point of THIS was?

* If I decide I want medicinal pain relief, I’d prefer regional analgesia (an epidural and/or spinal block). "OK"

* When it’s time to push, I’d like to be coached on when to push and for how long. "OK"

* I’d like to try the following positions for pushing (and birth): semi-reclining, squatting, hands and knees, whatever feels right at the time… "We’re not equipped for that" read: "Not going to happen"

* During delivery, I’d like to give birth without an episiotomy. Again, “Make sure you tell them that”. Um, will do.

* After birth, I’d like to hold my baby right away, putting off any procedures that aren’t urgent. "OK"

* After birth, I’d like to breastfeed as soon as possible. "OK"

* After birth, I’d like not to get oxytocin (Pitocin) after I deliver the placenta unless it’s necessary. This is where I got pissed. "Well, we will do that so you don’t bleed. I mean, you’re going to bleed anyway…but we’re physicians. This is what we do." Uh-huh. So basically, fuck yourself. We’re medicating you one way or the other.

* After birth, I’d like my partner to cut the umbilical cord. "OK"

* If I have a c-section, I’d like my partner present at all times during the operation. "OK"
* If I have a c-section, I’d like the baby to be given to my partner as soon as he’s dried, if appropriate. "OK"

* If I have a c-section, I’d like to breastfeed my baby in the recovery room. "OK"

* I’m planning to bank cord blood privately. "OK"

* After delivery, I’d like all newborn procedures to take place in my presence. "OK"

* After delivery, I’d like my partner to stay with the baby at all times if I can’t be there. "OK"

* I’d like 24-hour rooming-in with my baby. "After the birth, ALL babies go to the nursery for a bit, but then he’s all yours" I almost clawed at her face when she said that. I’m going to fight this one.

* I plan to breastfeed EXCLUSIVELY. "OK"

* Do not offer my baby: formula, sugar water, a pacifier. "OK"

* I do NOT want my baby circumcised. "OK"

* I’d like to wait and see how I feel before deciding about the timing of hospital discharge. "OK"

So I reiterate…I knew I’d be disappointed because I was expecting too much from a hospital, but for the most part, I expected this. Next go round, once I know I can successfully have a birth without complications, it’s birthing center all the way!!!

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  1. If this doctor basically won't go with your birth plan at all, why don't you find a new and more supportive practice? I hated the OB we saw first, so we decided to go to a birthing center instead.