Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Half-aversary!

The Momma Friendly blog has been around for exactly 6 months today.

When I started this blog, I only wanted to provide information and experience that I wished I'd had when I was pregnant. The idea of reaching so many people never even occurred to me. I got about 700 views that first month, and I thought "if I can get 1000 hits a month, it would be absolutely crazy."


As of the time this post is being written, the blog has received 6716 in 6 months. Not a lot by some bloggers standards, but WAY more than I ever imagined getting. And that's thanks to YOU. The readers, the guest post writers, the Facebook likers and the Instagram followers.

Thanks so much for the support these past 6 months, and I'm very excited to see what we can accomplish together in the next 6 months and beyond!

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