Monday, February 3, 2014

My Motivation...

I wanted to take a moment to do a post explaining a bit of my motivation behind the things I write on this blog.

I don't write these things to tell you why the things other parents do are "wrong" or why some options are "better than" others, really. I had my son over two years ago, and was pregnant three years ago. I thought before I got pregnant that I knew everything I needed to know about pregnancy, delivery and babies. Once I actually WAS pregnant, I realized how much more there was to learn!

When the time came to have my son, I didn't think I could possible be more prepared or more knowledgable. I was SO wrong! Hahaha! I found myself questioning (and researching) everything I thought was true about nursing, formula, vaccines, cloth diapering, EVERYTHING. Once I thought I was pretty well-armed with information, I decided I could put all this knowledge to use...I started this blog and began looking into doula training and childbirth class education. MIND BLOWN.

The point is, there's always something out there to learn. Many of the things that most surprised me about the things I've learned since this all began with those two little blue lines is that there are so many OPTIONS for EVERYTHING! You have an option and a choice for everything, even things that you didn't imagine you had any choice about. From cervical checks to refusing induction to asking for natural alternatives for a baby's always have a choice even when others might make you seem you don't!

Doctors, nurses, family, friends...they all mean well (and sometimes they don't) but in the end, no one but you and your children have to live with the consequences of the choices you make for your family. I post here about things I learn, things I find, things other moms or moms-to-be share with me...but it's all here for you! Not to sway you one way or another, but to introduce you to the idea that conventional paths aren't the ONLY paths. Even if something you read here only inspires you to research the topic for the sake of discrediting me ;) I think that's great! Because that means that something in this little corner of the internet led to someone making an informed choice when it comes to their child's well being. That's all I can ask for and that's what I aim for. 

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