Thursday, May 8, 2014

Guest Post: "Now I'M The Mom"

I asked first time moms to share how this Mother's Day would be different for them...This was submitted by Rosy, momma to the Cuban Prince of Miami ;) When the Cuban Prince allows her some "me" time, you can find her on Pinterest.


I’ve been a mom for less than 9 months and it’s been AWESOME! Obviously my son has taught me a lot like patience, giving up control and all that other typical stuff. 

The best way I can describe motherhood is that it is dirty. Yep. It’s awesome but also very dirty. I came to this realization on Sunday as I was sorting through my laundry. I used to have a very nice and neat closet where my clothes hung in categories and by color. Now I jump for joy when I find a shirt without a stain. My “clean” laundry has been sitting on top of my dresser for like, two weeks begging for someone to put them away and I finally did. And the reason I did is because we are going to Disney on Sunday and about two weeks ago I washed my Disney shirts (that I wore in January) and I needed to find them. I hung up what I could in no particular category or order I was just happy to see the top of my dresser (which is still covered in other crap but not a mountain of clothes). 

Anyways, at some point during my chore, I realized how fast my life has changed in less than a year and duh I wouldn’t change it for the world. I enjoy being dirty because yes, I spend the majority of my day covered in bodily fluids (usually not my own) but I see it as little sprinkles of love. My son has an awesome way of sprinkling me with love every chance he gets. His favorite way is to slobber all over his hand for about two to three minutes, then shove said hand in my mouth or down my shirt. Now I keep deodorant at my desk at work because I forget to put it on all the time and even though I can be stinky at home, my coworkers wouldn’t appreciate my odor as much as my son. 

Being a mom has also made me appreciate my own mom more, and yes, I do count on her for some advice but I typically use my new found mommy instinct. So this Mother’s Day is totally different because I am the mom now but I do try to celebrate being a mom every day with my little prince. I’ve been many things but being a mom is literally the best thing ever in life!

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