Thursday, April 24, 2014

Plus Size Preggo repost: "One Big RACKET"

On Thursday, we had several appointments…one of which was with a Gestational Diabetes specialist. My endocrinologist has been subjecting me to random glucose tolerance tests (BLECH!) and having me monitor my blood sugar pretty much since the beginning of the second trimester, simply due to the fact that I’m obese and the obstetrician insisted I be monitored closely since I’m “more likely” to develop GD. Throughout the pregnancy, my results have bounced from borderline pre-diabetes to completely normal and back, but never conclusively YOU HAVE GD.
One of the OBs in the practice (whom I really never liked because she has a really shitty attitude about everything) decided to give me yet ANOTHER glucose tolerance test because she didn’t believe I hadn’t developed GD (nice, right?)…so I went to the lab SHE wanted me to, took yet another test, and it came back positive for pre-diabetes (again, not full blown GD, just that I COULD develop it, which obviously we’ve known from the get-go). Well, based on that, she decided that rather than retest to see why that test came back high when none of the others had, she’d rather just send me to a diabetes specialist despite what my endocrinologist said.

So, I went…in the waiting room, I met a woman who DID have GD, and she told me she could tell just by looking at me that I was fine, and started pointing out all the physical manifestations of diabetes that she possessed that I clearly did not. I felt good about just letting whatever the specialist said roll off my back, until I got in there and she insisted that I was endangering my baby just by being me. At least, that’s what I took away from the conversation, since my blood work was perfect, so if I was endangering my child, it’s not due to my sugars.

I got REALLY pissed and kind of took it out on the lady, who kept trying to win me over after I went off on her, but I let her know not to bother, she’d lost any hope of me liking her and she should just say what she had to say. Long story short, I was given a booklet on diabetes management and given a VERY strict diet to go on immediately. I was given more testing supplies and told that I was to send her my blood work results once a week for the next 3 weeks to make sure my pre-diabetes could be controlled simply by diet and that insulin wasn’t necessary. I KNOW insulin isn’t necessary because I’M NOT SICK, so I decided to make the best of it….ok, a diet and testing 4 times a day…big whoop. I can stand to eat better and testing isn’t SUCH a drag…if it’ll shut these guys up in only 3 weeks, fine. I’ll play along.

THEN I got a call on Saturday from the specialists office, letting me know that I needed to meet with a nurse AT HOME, and have her give me more supplies, including ketostix (sounds like they’re doing more than monitoring my diet)…and SHOCKER! My insurance won’t pay for all of it, just 70%, so I need to pay $200 co-pay in order to be put on this program that I’m positive I don’t even need. If I thought for a SECOND that I was truly endangering my son, I absolutely would be on board, but since I’ve started the program, my blood sugar levels have been IDEAL. Not just good for a fat woman or good for a pregnant woman, but SIMPLY PERFECT. This is just one big racket to get the scared fat girl to pay for crap she doesn’t need and to squeeze more out of the insurance. How about I just buy some ketostix at Walgreens for $15 and we call it fair that I didn’t just send the whole pile of people involved to hell?

So yeah. The diet doesn’t SUCK (in fact, it’s a LOT of food), it just involves a LOT of planning because it’s not easy to count exchanges for pre-packaged food, so I’ve been eating nothing but home cooked food SIX times a day for the past 5 days, and will be for at least the next couple of weeks. The baby’s movements have been more subtle since I’ve started the diet, hubs thinks it might be because he’s not hopped up on fruit juice anymore LOL
End of rant.

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