Friday, April 18, 2014

Weird Pregnancy Behaviors...

the things no one talks about.
originally dated 2/25/11
Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve been having thoughts and urges that scare even me.

Namely, the urge to lick things.

I’ll wait for you to laugh. I find it hilarious, myself.

I’ve asked my mom if she ever had a similar urge, and she only giggled. I’ve googled it and found nothing. Even my husband can only smirk when I get a certain look on my face because he knows I’m actively holding myself back from licking something in my vicinity.

Now before you get any ideas, I only have had urges to lick food, and stranger still, the television when there’s an image on food on it. I haven’t ACTUALLY licked the TV (yet LOL), but this anxious NEED to lick the screen comes over me whenever something tasty appears! LMAO

My theory is that I’m having too many cravings to actually fit all these foods in my tummy at once, and lately I can only eat about half what I used to, but get hungrier much more often…so I guess maybe I want to lick things just so I can taste them without actually ingesting them? IDK…it’s the only thing that makes sense to me. Also, I’ve much more aware of textures in my food lately, so maybe I get the urge to lick things because I’m not interested in chewing them…(?) Any ideas/theories would be appreciated (and probably laughed at).

I’ve heard of women eating chalk and dirt while they’re pregnant, so me wanting to lick a chicken wing or a tamal isn’t THAT strange…is it? ;)

This was something I wrote on my blog back when I was about 7 weeks pregnant with my son. Have you experienced weird or unexpected inclinations during your pregnancies? I'd love to hear from other mommas so I know I'm not the only weirdo! hahaha ;)

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