Monday, August 19, 2013

Advice from home-schooling parents?

I know it's probably premature, seeing as my child is a year old, but I have been extensively researching homeschooling and I feel that it might be the right choice for my family.

My husband is about 60% convinced...he's concerned that our son (and any future children) might be socially crippled by homeschooling them...I have the same concern, but hope to keep them involved in sports or dance teams, etc so they can socialize with children that have similar interests. Ideally, we could have some sort of homeschooling co-op situation, where we form a group with other homeschooling families and occasionally learn together so they can meet and make friends with other homeschoolers. There are 2 problems with that, the city of Miami, homeschooling seems to be at a minimum. The second issue is that most homeschoolers (from what I've seen in my research, perhaps I'm mistaken) seem to teach from a religious standpoint/curriculum, and we are raising our children nondenominationally.

I'd love to hear from any homeschooling parents about learning resources, socializing your homeschooled children, and just about your experience in general. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated! I know it's early, but this is a big decision and I want to be certain I'm making the right choice for my child(ren).

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  1. Hi!!! I totally agree with you on the honeschooling aspect as well. We are not a religious family and I find it very intimudating to join co-ops or homeschool groups. My children socialize with my friends children whom all go to public school. They keep me updated on different websites the school uses which you will find is not different from sites homeschoolers use.,, to name a few. Goodluck on your honeschool journey as well as motherhood.