Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Favorite Mommy/Baby Apps

I LOVE my iPhone. I was resistant to leave behind my Blackberry but since 2008, I haven't looked back! Now I don't know how I ever survived without my iPhone!

I always used my phone to take photos, blog, Facebook, etc...but now as a mom, it's as functional as it is fun! I decided to put together a list of my favorite mommy/baby apps that I use on a daily basis.

Name: iBreastfeed
Price: FREE
How I use it: This app lets you track diaper changes, breast, bottle or solid feeding, and even has a miscellaneous feature so you can track medications, etc. What I use it for is tracking how long and when Bubu sleeps. It's very helpful to check for patterns, see if there's differences in sleep when there's diet changes, etc. I use this app every single day.

Name: iBaby Feed Timer
Price: $1.99
How I use it: As the name suggests, this app is used to time breastfeeding sessions, or to input bottle feedings or pumping sessions. All of these things can be handled by the Medela app, but I prefer the interface of this app. It also includes a notes section with each bottle feeding so you can write down whether it was formula or breast milk, whether there was cereal in the bottle, etc. This is another app that I use every day, several times a day.

Name: Baby Milestones 1st Year
Price: $1.99
How I use it: I don't use this app every day, but my husband and I open it together every few weeks to see what milestones we can look forward to in the coming month, to see what Bubu is already doing, etc. It explains physical, social and cognitive development on a monthly basis for the first year of your baby's life.

Name: Instagram
Price: FREE
How I use it: Ok, so this isn't a baby app per se, but I DO use it everyday with my baby! I've been using instagram since late 2010, before anyone knew it existed (LOL) and as a consequence, I've been able to easily chronicle my pregnancy and literally every day of my baby's life with my iPhone! The best thing about that is I use services like Stickygram, Keepsy and Blurb to make magnets, albums and calendars with these photos so that I have tangible keepsakes of everyday snapshots of my Bu!

That's about it! I have several other apps of this type on my phone, but these are the ones I rely on most. Tell me about your favorite apps!

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