Friday, August 16, 2013

Advice to fellow plus size preggos

You absolutely CAN have a healthy pregnancy at any weight! I weighed 285 when I got pregnant and got up to 318, with no hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, NOTHING!

My advice: BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE! Read and research everything, and don’t take anything your doctors tell you at face value. A lot of doctors don’t have a lot of experience dealing with overweight/obese moms-to-be and might default to giving you generalized advice assuming your health is crap when it may or may not be, regardless of your weight.

I labored drug-free for 46 hours (!), and only ended up having a c-section because I would not dilate past 3 cm…my weight was not a factor. I researched all my options fully (google was my best friend!) and was very strong in my convictions of how I wanted my labor and delivery to go, but only because I learned enough to confidently push back against the doctors and hospitals when I felt they were taking a course of action not because it was safest, but because of their ignorance or because it was more convenient for them.

It’s your labor, your delivery, your child, your life…you CAN do it! And don’t let anyone tell you or make you feel different. I feel I am a much stronger person overall BECAUSE I was a plus size preggo!!! :)


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