Monday, August 12, 2013

Forgive me, but...

having a soapbox moment...

I'm putting together my website, and so I looked up my interview feature that I did with NBC while I was pregnant about sizist doctor policies...turns out the article was posted elsewhere and some comments were received. They were pretty evenly divided between support for me and support for the doctor policies, but one in particular stood out to me:

"This woman is about to realize her pregnancy hormones got a little out of hand. Carrying a child and actually caring for a child are two different things. We'll see if she can physically keep up with a two year old at 300 lbs. Just stupid."

well GUESS WHO is keeping up with her 2 year old at almost 300 pounds, DOUCHE . Who's stupid now? Only proves my point that weight is nothing but a number and your judgment of me FOR my weight says much more about you than me.

/endrant lol

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